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Friday, March 18, 2011

Who I am...

Who am I?

I am ...a wife, a mom, grandma, sister and sometimes a friend (but not a very good one)

I want... a retirement to magically appear. (the last ten years or so have been an 'a$$ kicker')

I have... the BEST family a person could ever dream of having.

I wish... I really 'got' manifesting. I'm a little hit and miss with my skill.

I hate... mean-hearted people.

I fear... not always being able to be independent and comfortable.

I hear... ummmm peace. It's a quiet evening around here. March Madness going on downstairs though.

I search... good question...I'll get back to ya on that one.

I wonder... how much faster can life spin?? I mean seriously...I feel like I am at the end of a semester in school and wish I had tried harder.

I regret... my inability to focus better. Not exactly a choice though.

I love... my family, half and halfs (my fam knows this), comfort food, dates with my sweetheart.

I rarely... have my 'sh!t' together....so very abstract-random.

I always... imagine I might one day change myself...(I know...I know....whatever I'm smokin...)

I usually... have a whole committee talking in my head...drives me crazy. Even in my sleep the talk about me comes in the form of a committee. There is usually, no kidding, a wise ass, an idiot, a smart black guy, etc...

I dance....oh, that would be never!

I sing... to favorite oldies, like ones I have burned to CD. ALONE.

I never... seem to achieve as much as I'd like.

I sometimes... get melancholy.

I cry... when I'm happy...when I'm sad...when I'm touched by kindness...

I am not always... sweet but I try to hide those lapses.

I lose... oh, you name it. If I've put it 'away' I'll likely never find it again. Outta sight--outta mind!

I am confused... a good deal of the time, unfortunately. I mistakenly have the habit of looking at things assuming they are complex, but really they are usually a lot simpler than I think they are going to be.

I need... a pedicure....on a regular basis. Makes me happy.

I should... figure out HOW to focus better.


this post brought to you by following my daughter's lead

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