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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kaylynn and Julie....our March Birthday girls!

Trying to watch a movie while the adults had their conversations going...
Cars and ...Tom and Jerry.
I had 4 kiddos and 2 banana chairs.
I think I needed a 'banana bench'
or a rocking reclining love-seat.
Everyone wants to be front and center.

Our Logan, Utah family visited and while here we had birthday dinner and cake for the two ladies in the family with March birthdays. Julie on the 8th and Kaylynn on the 20th. It was a most enjoyable day!! Blowing out the cake was a joint effort.

Owen spent considerable time 'posing' for the camera, looking at the pictures and posing again and again. What a hoot. He seems especially born with that See-camera bug (which really started with my Dad..who incidentally was buried 15 years ago today..hope he was watching and enj0ying).

More camera work with Owen. CJ also has the photography bug.

Greysons smiles are so rare and fast...it's a wonder I could capture one...but after having a little birthday cake and ice cream, he was on such a sugar high that I think there were more smiles than usual.
It was the best of times...How was your week-end??

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