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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My little vacation.


This beautiful young woman turned 27 today.  27 years ago she entered my life preceded by 5 brothers (one more followed).  The nurses thought it would be funny to wheel a baby boy
 into my room the next morning and tell me it wasn't a girl after all, just a big mistake!

More Ragtime :)
for Remy (Danny and Monique)
We are betting on curly red hair.

 Tough day at IKEA, I asked Cody if he shouldn't be the one carrying his mother?!

All dressed up, getting along with each other for the moment, and waiting for a photo shoot.

Oh!!  a n d   Sugar Cookies!!

 Trey,   "Ya mean we can eat this play dough?!"
 Here ya go.
 Mom and Dad, lucky they are!

sugar, sugar, sugar

Friday, June 14, 2013

Thinking about the very brief summers we have and wanting to really soak it up...I like to sit on my porch now and then and just take it in.  (To save for snowy long dark days.)  Also love my evening motorcycle rides with my sweetheart!  And now adding some bike rides.  Love  a little wind in my face!
Oh and cut some bangs,  very much goes against my grain but I had a reason.  Decided it was a lucky necessity.    Hope you savor your summer too!