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Saturday, November 24, 2012


It's clear - we need more Black Fridays.
So, we were open from 8:00pm on Thanksgiving evening straight though until close on Black Friday...
Will we soon be talking about Black Thursday instead of Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I can't believe how many people have come to my blogspot to get the infamous green bean casserole recipe...isn't that like trying to find a recipe for making jello?

 Or Koolaid?
I added the infamous french green bean recipe back when I did a segment on "Mormon Recipes", and did so with the intent that lds people would share my amusement, and non-lds would have a window into the culture I grew up in.
Still, there is no better comfort food in the world than "funeral potatoes" and I've sampled alot of stuff in my 6 decades!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
May you give thanks with an appreciative heart!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Henry's Highlights

Went to spend a long weekend at Henry's Lake in the general vacinity of Island Park/West Yellowstone.  We were staying at a big beautiful Cabin in Kevins family (had a view of the Grand Tetons)
Tyrel and Mandy (my niece) came to spend an evening with us.  Was a treat to see them again.
Toots brought projects to work on so I divided my time between fishing, sewing and trying to enjoy the little guys.  They call me Grandma Jan....that's cool.  They call Norm 'Grandpa Jan'...that's even cooler!!
Trey lives to play with the iphone.
Warm Fire

Kelly was knockin' 'em dead!!
Danny helping me.
There ya go!
 Nikki (Monique) becoming a great fisherman.
It was so pretty, and peaceful and the fishing was really good, weather not bad.

Cody's first time fishing (4 years old).

Look at that!

Uncle Danny helping.

 Got one
Nikki and Destiny
Grandpa Jan and Cody

He had a hard time 'horsing' the reel, so he just headed up the bank dragging it out of the water!
My niece Mandy---pregnant with "Thing 1 and Thing 2" aka Tyson (Tyrel's son) and Mason (Mandy's son)...Is that a great idea or what?!
We had a wonderful time!!
Wish you were there!