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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Danny and Monique....Happily Ever After

Danny and Monique are engaged!  In the Spring, when the world as we know it is beautifully showing renewal and promise, they will be wed.  So excited for them, and excited to be adding another wonderful daughter-in-law to our family craziness.

Monday, December 19, 2011

catch-up ....

A picture of Norm and I when we were visiting the Berrys this last summer.  Its a pix of us that I  wanted to keep (just found it )   40 years and counting...
Thanksgiving day f/b game with the backyard Sees, including the newest  'adoptee'  Todd Oliver.  He looks like us anyway...
Back l-r: Todd, Kelly, Greg, Danny.  Front l-r: Norm aka Pappa Bear, Arlene aka Harley, Sage, Gabe.
Missing 4 kids and 7 grandkids, but so much FUN anyway.  When EVERYONE is home we take it down to the park in Hayden and have Roaring Game of Kickball.
 A couple shots after skin cancer surgery #3 last week...basil cell...couldn't even really see it, that's what check-ups are for...go get one!!
Hoping the Cory Sees don't see this before they get here next Monday but it's a blanket I made for Baby Girl See due in late February/early March...love ragtime.  Always wanted to lay out fabric to look like a jumbo gingham check...I think I got it!!  (flannel back)

Haha, My daughter-in-law (not the one getting the blanket), said,
"Oh, a picnic blanket..."  Not the reaction that played in my mind...

Friday, December 9, 2011

basil cell skin cancer

This is a picture of basil cell skin cancer.
It looks like an early manifestation to me as compared to the ones where you can see that it's traveled down the hair folicle and left a 'pit'. 

Norm will be having a basil cell spot removed by mohs surgery next week.  The thing is though that he went for a check-up and they found this one with a light that measures kelvan temperatures.   This particular cancer wasn't even visible yet.

Oh, be careful with your skin, and if you lived in the days before sunscreen, then please get your skin checked over, at least once for a base line.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 generations of the Seedawgs making memories...Love it!

 Above...Sages 12th birthday and day he was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood.  Big Day.
Then our Christmas letter, pictures, but what I wanted to show was the picture right, second from the top, Deer Camp.  Love seeing these guys make memories together!!