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Monday, December 19, 2011

catch-up ....

A picture of Norm and I when we were visiting the Berrys this last summer.  Its a pix of us that I  wanted to keep (just found it )   40 years and counting...
Thanksgiving day f/b game with the backyard Sees, including the newest  'adoptee'  Todd Oliver.  He looks like us anyway...
Back l-r: Todd, Kelly, Greg, Danny.  Front l-r: Norm aka Pappa Bear, Arlene aka Harley, Sage, Gabe.
Missing 4 kids and 7 grandkids, but so much FUN anyway.  When EVERYONE is home we take it down to the park in Hayden and have Roaring Game of Kickball.
 A couple shots after skin cancer surgery #3 last week...basil cell...couldn't even really see it, that's what check-ups are for...go get one!!
Hoping the Cory Sees don't see this before they get here next Monday but it's a blanket I made for Baby Girl See due in late February/early March...love ragtime.  Always wanted to lay out fabric to look like a jumbo gingham check...I think I got it!!  (flannel back)

Haha, My daughter-in-law (not the one getting the blanket), said,
"Oh, a picnic blanket..."  Not the reaction that played in my mind...

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