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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Utah 2010

Uncle 'Bugs'...a little get away to see the new baby, Suzi and Mom before school starts. Yes, we were visiting with Kevin too.

Uncle Dan also visiting ...

Suzi and Trey in a quiet moment....soaking up that newness.

and Mom baking and putting a few things in the freezer for days to come.

Trey 2010

Trey...such a handsome little guy! Look at all that hair...born to a hairdresser, of course!

Big Bro Cody....trying to adjust to the newcomer. Loves to help, but is a bit of a roughnecker...but we clap for him and encourage him to love brother.

Kevin and his 'boys'. He's an awesome husband and father!

Suz and me. She always gives me a 'facelift' when I'm there. Love spending time with my only girl.

One of his many 'thoughtful' poses!