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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making Summer Memories....Brothers

Danny and Kelly packed up and headed for the

North Dakota Oil Fields

Taking off, hoping they would be able to find jobs and hoping they would be able to find a place to stay.

Things fell into place like magic!


with neccessities taken care of it was time to take care of


They are having a great time!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Late Easter

Kids hunting Easter eggs, and Penny girl trying to get them to share. Note how Penny climbs up into the little lawn chair like it's made for her...haha. big kids were there too but hard to catch.....

kool-aid mustache

Everybody needs 'one'.

He looks like a little man just kinda hanging back from the crowd!!

Gabriella :)

Look close --Gabe is about 1 ft off the balance beam. <3

Fllip Factory had a day where the boys and girls witched routines with each other....

I would call that TOOTSIE Saturday

but w/e

So Gabe became Gabriella for a few hours. He was just as proud to wear pink as not!! That is one secure kid!

Fun times!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dang...when did that happen?

Doesn't seem right that the kid should be as tall as me...well almost.

I remember when all of the grandkids (my sisters kids and mine) used to measure against their grandma (my mom) because she was the shortest adult. Everyone couldn't wait to be as tall as Grandma.....

'my turn'

Friday, May 13, 2011

That's What I'm Talking About !!

I know you are tired of hearing my 'Rant'

about Coeur d 'Alene

Winters !!

It's not true that I hate CdA winters....I just hate them past Valentines Day, or the first day of Spring or past Easter for crying out loud !!

I mean, really,how long do we need Christmas ambiance ??

We finally hit 70 degrees yesterday and every flowering tree in the county 'popped'.


That's more like it !!

This is my favorite little tree in the whole area...downtown Coeur d'Alene, on Boise and 3rd street.
Someone grafted pink flowering branches into a tree that blossoms
in white. The white branches reach skyward while the pink branches reach out.

So very beautiful !
Too bad these blossoms don't last as long as winter....
(I know-I know....rave on rat-sh*!)
Happy Spring!
(better late than never)

April 17, 1975

April 17, 1975, Kyle was born on Travis's 3rd birthday.
It wasn't planned or contrived....just lucky I guess !!
They hated having the same birthday as kids but I think they kind of like it now as adults...sort of like shades of being a twin.

Recovering from chicken pox...does this expression look like Brian (his son) or what?

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer


with Greg (less than 17 months apart).

With Travis at a family reunion, both happy and excited because they won ribbons.

Senior in High School

Rafting with Dad, Greg and Cory

(I believe that is Brett swimming in the background)

One of many Scout outtings.

Kyle the Army Ranger

and Kyle.....the married guy !

(his sweetheart....Theresa)
Sorry it has taken me nearly a month...

So very proud of you, Kyle.

Love You !

Happy Birthday !!

April 17th... the 0riginal (1972)

On April 17, 1972

I went from teenage bride

to teenage mother.

You can never prepare someone for the way this changes and enriches your life....and turns you into

a mother bear !

Travis as a newborn

and again

Senior in High School.

Early "back-in-the-day" B&W.
Just old enough to be part of the last generation.
Black and White photography

was still cheaper than color...

cloth diapers

home haircuts...

recycled jeans.

our original black lab



Kyle was born on Travis's 3rd birthday.

April 17th, 1975.

No this was not planned


or anything else.

Just Lucky !!

Travis with Grandpa Murray...

(aka Merry Bampa).

Grandpa never had a boy and so was very excited to have #1 grandchild be a boy !!


Working at his love...
(approx 10 years at Alexander Davis in Boise)

Wedded to Monica Hanlin in June of 2010.
You've had a remarkable life so far....

Love you, Buck !
Happy Late Birthday

May 12th --- wow !

As trite as it sounds...

It's awfully hard to believe it's been a year since

Elder See came home

from the Florida, Jacksonville Mission

where he served faithfully and tirelessly for 2 years.

So very proud of him...

and at the same time sad that that is the last of our missionary experiences.

(until grandkids serve)

from 'greenie' above to seasoned servant below...what growth !

from young pup

to mature young man...

from here...

to there...

Blessings multiply....ready or not !! So proud of you, Kelly. It wasn't easy...but oh, so worth it !!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yay !!!!

Miss Emily will get her 2nd new cochlear implant on May 27th. (Two surgeries in a one month window!) She is just such a trooper! Emily, you are my hero, along with your Mom and Dad who Heavenly Father hand-picked for you! Oh and I adore your little brother as well! Again, prayers you may offer in her behalf are greatly appreciated. So much power in prayer!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ouch...Emily !

Emily's cochlear implant failed recently and she had to have a second surgery to place a new one from a different company. Her surgeon didn't like the placement of the first and so had to carve away some more skull to move it over, also the incision is much bigger than before because he was 'teaching' and it had to be viewed by several people while he worked. She went to school about 4 days later and has resumed most normal activity. She's quite a trooper !! She won't be hearing for a while, and will hopefully have a second cochlear on the other side in just a few weeks.

Notice the cowboy boots. This girl loves her cowboy boots, always has, probably always will.

(Cory and Kaylynn's)

Sweetie-pie Owen, doesn't really get why she can't hear right now....

Any of your prayers in their behalf...much appreciated.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Watch out world !!

Aren't they lookers??!
(no idea why CJ's pix came up smaller than Brians**search me**)
We got to visit them on our 'loop' in April as well...so fun to catch up no matter how short the visit.)

Brian shaved his head very recently to raise money for children's cancer research...so proud of him)

(Kyle and Theresa's)

CJ and Brian

Don't tell anyone but CJ is a charmer and Brian is a go-getter...they are just over a year apart...Irish Twins.