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Friday, May 13, 2011

April 17th... the 0riginal (1972)

On April 17, 1972

I went from teenage bride

to teenage mother.

You can never prepare someone for the way this changes and enriches your life....and turns you into

a mother bear !

Travis as a newborn

and again

Senior in High School.

Early "back-in-the-day" B&W.
Just old enough to be part of the last generation.
Black and White photography

was still cheaper than color...

cloth diapers

home haircuts...

recycled jeans.

our original black lab



Kyle was born on Travis's 3rd birthday.

April 17th, 1975.

No this was not planned


or anything else.

Just Lucky !!

Travis with Grandpa Murray...

(aka Merry Bampa).

Grandpa never had a boy and so was very excited to have #1 grandchild be a boy !!


Working at his love...
(approx 10 years at Alexander Davis in Boise)

Wedded to Monica Hanlin in June of 2010.
You've had a remarkable life so far....

Love you, Buck !
Happy Late Birthday

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