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Monday, May 18, 2009

Kelly #7

Odd picture I know, can't even see his face. I'll fix........

He is currently in Jacksonville Florida, been there a year a year to go. We sure do miss him, but he's doing Awesome!

I should probably put these guys in birth-order...but then there's something refreshing about not being hung up on birth-order. Chaos just appeals to me I guess.

# 5 son-- Danny--The born Fisherman (and gourmet cook)

This is from one of his more recent trips to Canada. They fish waaay up north, almost to the outer fringes of the arctic circle. He's been many times. This is not even close to his biggest fish, but it was a picture I could lay my hands on. I'll get your better ones here eventually Dan.

Travis--my #1

Our oldest, Travis, lives in SanFrancisco. Works high-end men's wear, as it is his talent, interest and love...

Cory and Kaylynn and Emily and Owen

Cory is in Vail, Colorado for an internship this summer. Kaylynn and kiddies in Ephriam, Utah where Emily is getting settled in to her new school. We sure miss them. Would love to have my family closer!