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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My girlfriend next door...

We chat at the fence, I talk her language and she comes running.
We share some Ritz.  Good times.
I call her Goldie because she won't tell me her real name.  
So coy!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Danny's Family Summer Vacation with us...beautiful Coeur d'Alene

I also had a pix of Grandpa Norm with Remy but couldn't get it to load correctly.
But we had a super evening, halcyon memory.
 Uncle Bugs with Remy
 Showing Remy the fish at the Resort
 Danny, Monique and the Lovely Remy!
 Our family (those present) after a picnic at sunset on the beach of Lake Coeur d'Alene
 My yummy granddaughter
On the boardwalk after an afternoon cruise

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy 85th

My mother turned 85 on June 20th.  I love that she takes (and always has) such excellent care of her health.
My sister and I took her to see her Sister, my Aunt Pat, for the day which is always fun and when we get them to talking about their childhood and the life of the times it is so very interesting.

View Therapy

View of Hayden Lake from walking our neighborhood.
I like to soak it up while I can because Winters are long and covered in snow.
 Below is a view from walking along Silver Beach. My favorite place to cover 4 miles.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blessing Saylor! June 1, 2014

Fun thing....Saylor in Christening Gown that her mama was blessed in July 1986.  It was given to us by our dear Inga who brought it over from Sweden when she immigrated approximately 50 years ago.  Very special to us.  Also Saylor wore the baby ring that Suzi and all siblings wore that was mine at birth in 1952.

March 24th -- health alert

For those of you who didn't know Norm battled and beat cancer in the year 2000.  It was a head and neck tissue mid-line granuloma (T-cell) lymphoma.  Chances of beating it at the time were very slim. 
Now he is having symptoms that indicate something going on in the central nervous system. 
 We have a very bright neurologist working on this with endless tests as she believes the lymphoma has comeback but we haven't been able to locate it yet, so will be repeating tests every 3 months until we find the differential. 
It was originally very difficult to find perhaps as much as five years after the fist symptoms,  It's extremely slow growing and extremely difficult to kill.  Head and neck tissue complicates the picture even more and when lymphoma comes back, it can show up anywhere. 
So we take life a day at a time.....
prayers are welcome!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Get my color worked on a couple of times a year. 
I get a partial color weave is all with a lighter shade of blonde, a darker shade of blonde and my own grey in between like a third color. My aim is to look a little more blonde and a little less grey.  For my kids who have an opinion, I got 3 inches off the bottom a a little shaping done.
Works for me.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Random Post of my Dad and I

I remember this day, I was about 5 years old and My Dad and my Grandpa (not sure who else) went out to the dump to shoot the guns.
(Dumps were so very different back then, at least in our locale.)
I liked to hunt for treasures.
My dad was an amateur photographer and I'm quite sure having constant B & W photos around of things we had done helped keep my memory of childhood events sharp.  So glad he did that.
BTW, he developed his own film and printed his own pictures.
Yes, we had a makeshift 'darkroom'.
Then I married a professional photographer who supported our family well.
Only drawback was having the business based from our home ...
(read: absolutely no privacy, or boundaries)
but like me
I think the kids remember early child events perhaps better because of all the photographs.
Dad's been gone since 1996.
18 years has sure gone by alarmingly quickly!

Random Post of Old Friends

I tried to make this bigger but it only gets super blurry.
Can't have that!

These are the Davis boys.  Back in the day...we all lived in Coeur d'Alene, and Cathy (their mom) and I were going through the child bearing years together...We ended up with 6 boys 1 girl, Cathy and Jim had 10 boys, and great GREAT kids they are!
One summer several families here took in Asian kids for a summer program, and one of the girls that stayed with a mutual friend used to ask to go to "10 boy house". 
the 10 boy house.  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

More on Sweet Saylor's arrival.

 Gotta get sleep when you can.
 Suzi pieced the top I bought the other pieces and quilted it.

 So happy my daughter has a daughter.
A son is a son 'til he takes a wife
A daughter is your daughter all of your life

 Hank watching after Saylor and surveying his Kingdom.

 Daddy's girl.
Big Brother

And then came Miss Saylor Anne...

Part 1

Since 1962

Saw this in Phoenix and thought it was cool.  Norm and I est. 1971...going on 43 years!

Happy Birthday to Julie

 I made for her a runner for the family piano from fabrics she had picked many years ago for another project.  I think it turned out just about perfect.

Spring Break

 one for the ZAGS!

Danny has been coming home for Spring Break since he got home from Brasil and went off to college.  Now he brings the lovely Monique aka Nikki, and sweet Remy.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

February to Phoenix

Cory's family:  Kaylynn and Cory, Owen and Emily standing, and Eliza in Cory's arms.

 We went to Phoenix in February, to see Cory's family, been close to two years.  Way to long!  Emily was being baptized ~~ It's great to be eight!  Poppy teaches all the grandkids to make the peace sign and say "Peace Baby"!  Very fun trip.  So glad we could go!

Greyson's Birthday

Greyson had a birthday party at JAMS with Milo and a Parker boy.  Sorry, can't remember his first name.  They each had a costume and party favors and all the frozen yogurt they could eat!!  Was so much fun!
Of course Nana and Poppy were there along with mom and dad and Bill Parker, Sage, Gabe, Harley and Uncle Kelly.