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Friday, April 15, 2011

Odds & Ends

Here are a couple of pictures of Norm post-surgery

He had surgery sort of all day long on Wednesday

one doctor doing MOHS surgery on his forehead

and a different doctor in the afternoon doing surgical excision on his hand in the afternoon.

Here we are at 8:00pm on Friday.

swelling on both hand and forehead, black-eye and swelling around it.

He resembles parts of my car wreck

from 6 years ago!

Ewe....don't even want to remember that!

My number 1 daughter in law, Julie (Greg's wife); with my latest daughter in law, Monica (wife of number 1 son). Got to see Cory, Kaylynn, Emily and Owen just last week but my pictures got "lost" in cyberspace. Growing like weeds and so so much fun! (these pix from Christmas a year ago).

Suzi and Kevin-----DITTO------saw them and lost their pictures too.

Cody now 2 1/2 and Trey is 8 months now. Cody heretofore had little to do with me....now he's all about "Packo-Packo-Packo!!!!

My life's mission...
Harley and I like to do nails together.
Greyson is a mature man in an infants body patiently waiting for his day to come. Don't expect any baby-ish stuff. He's clearly above that!

Well, there you have it.

Just some misc. cathching up to do!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

skin cancer

Norm had surgeries today for skin cancer; one on his forehead and one on his hand. They believe it was successful and so that is behind us. However there will be more burns and freezes to get it all wrapped up. Happy it wasn't deep enough to be serious.

Moral of this short story: use hats and sunscreen....no telling how long you'll live ! : )

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Made a delightful visit with all grandchildren this past week with my hubby and also visited the 'college boys'.

Took some very cute pix, but somehow accidently 'lost' them....

Hoping each of my kids have some as well so I can recover a few to post from our visits. Kids growing like crazy and learning and stuff.

SO so much fun!

Can't wait to catch up with #1 son--Travis, and Monica, hope to maybe make a date for a Mariner game or something.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mariners---kicked off last night with a win over Oakland

Been watching the Mariners forever! Takes abit to get reaquainted each spring with new players, the loss of old favorites. Won against Oakland last night in Oakland and looks like we are winning tonight...yay!!! nice start!!!