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Friday, April 15, 2011

Odds & Ends

Here are a couple of pictures of Norm post-surgery

He had surgery sort of all day long on Wednesday

one doctor doing MOHS surgery on his forehead

and a different doctor in the afternoon doing surgical excision on his hand in the afternoon.

Here we are at 8:00pm on Friday.

swelling on both hand and forehead, black-eye and swelling around it.

He resembles parts of my car wreck

from 6 years ago!

Ewe....don't even want to remember that!

My number 1 daughter in law, Julie (Greg's wife); with my latest daughter in law, Monica (wife of number 1 son). Got to see Cory, Kaylynn, Emily and Owen just last week but my pictures got "lost" in cyberspace. Growing like weeds and so so much fun! (these pix from Christmas a year ago).

Suzi and Kevin-----DITTO------saw them and lost their pictures too.

Cody now 2 1/2 and Trey is 8 months now. Cody heretofore had little to do with me....now he's all about "Packo-Packo-Packo!!!!

My life's mission...
Harley and I like to do nails together.
Greyson is a mature man in an infants body patiently waiting for his day to come. Don't expect any baby-ish stuff. He's clearly above that!

Well, there you have it.

Just some misc. cathching up to do!

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  1. Glad surgery is over and that you caught it! Hope He heals quickly. Love you guys!


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