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Monday, May 26, 2014

Random Post of my Dad and I

I remember this day, I was about 5 years old and My Dad and my Grandpa (not sure who else) went out to the dump to shoot the guns.
(Dumps were so very different back then, at least in our locale.)
I liked to hunt for treasures.
My dad was an amateur photographer and I'm quite sure having constant B & W photos around of things we had done helped keep my memory of childhood events sharp.  So glad he did that.
BTW, he developed his own film and printed his own pictures.
Yes, we had a makeshift 'darkroom'.
Then I married a professional photographer who supported our family well.
Only drawback was having the business based from our home ...
(read: absolutely no privacy, or boundaries)
but like me
I think the kids remember early child events perhaps better because of all the photographs.
Dad's been gone since 1996.
18 years has sure gone by alarmingly quickly!

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