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Thursday, June 5, 2014

March 24th -- health alert

For those of you who didn't know Norm battled and beat cancer in the year 2000.  It was a head and neck tissue mid-line granuloma (T-cell) lymphoma.  Chances of beating it at the time were very slim. 
Now he is having symptoms that indicate something going on in the central nervous system. 
 We have a very bright neurologist working on this with endless tests as she believes the lymphoma has comeback but we haven't been able to locate it yet, so will be repeating tests every 3 months until we find the differential. 
It was originally very difficult to find perhaps as much as five years after the fist symptoms,  It's extremely slow growing and extremely difficult to kill.  Head and neck tissue complicates the picture even more and when lymphoma comes back, it can show up anywhere. 
So we take life a day at a time.....
prayers are welcome!

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