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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ouch...Emily !

Emily's cochlear implant failed recently and she had to have a second surgery to place a new one from a different company. Her surgeon didn't like the placement of the first and so had to carve away some more skull to move it over, also the incision is much bigger than before because he was 'teaching' and it had to be viewed by several people while he worked. She went to school about 4 days later and has resumed most normal activity. She's quite a trooper !! She won't be hearing for a while, and will hopefully have a second cochlear on the other side in just a few weeks.

Notice the cowboy boots. This girl loves her cowboy boots, always has, probably always will.

(Cory and Kaylynn's)

Sweetie-pie Owen, doesn't really get why she can't hear right now....

Any of your prayers in their behalf...much appreciated.


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