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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Practice these terms, learn to be comfortable with your Moism.

MO - Mormon

NO MO - Non-Mormon

NO MO' MO - Ex-Mormon


MO TOWN - Provo

MO PEDS - People walking across the street to Temple Square or the MTC in Provo.

MO HAIR - Missionary standards haircut.

PO MO - A financially challenged Mormon

MO LASSES - Mormon Babes!!

MO TEL - Bishop's interview, tithing settlement, church court, etc.

SU MO - Grad of BYU Law School

MO GUL - Large white Utah bird frequently seen in Church history books, parking lots and dumps.

MO RALLY - Third quarter BYU drive against the U of U.

MO SEY - LDS sense of time. See also LOCO MO TION.

LOCO MO TION - Post-game exodus from Cougar Stadium.

MO NOGOMY - LDS marriage practices.

MO TIF - Two or more Mormons engaged in a heated difference of opinion.

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