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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Harley after a "girl-date"...worn the heck out !!!

Julie and I take Harley on an occasional 'girl-date'.  In the beginning she was happy to paint toe-nails or go to Claire's and try on pretties, followed by a pretzel.  Sometimes we read books at Border's.
We went a couple of times to Olive Garden but that was a little rich.   Been trying to do things fun but not especially costly.  This time we went to Winco and shopped.  Such a BIG store!!  So MANY things to sample!!  We had a bakery treat at the end and a hamburger on the way home.  In the beginning she wasn't too sure that WINCO was a good place for a girl-date, but as we were leaving she said "I wanna live there!"
Had such a good time that she zonked on the way home!
I think that was a good sign.

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