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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

more fun !!

At the park Saturday the 15th for the family picnic...what a great group. Left to right: Cory and Kaylynn, Theresa, Monica and Travis.
Avery nice candid of Greg and Julie while we did our traditional out to dinner to celebrate Kelly's homecoming.
Ever the kids!! Razor races in the driveway, Kevin even joined in our craziness. Nice Ninja scarf Suzi!
The amazing Kristi Lethcoe held a baby shower in the Park for Suzi. I only have this shot of Suzi and her friends. Kristi did an AMAZINGLY creative and beautiful job with the shower. (See Suzi's blog)
Little Code-man...Loved LOVED this wagon. He particularly liked the 're-bath' door. (open---get in---open---get out) more pictures to follow...can only load so many at once. See ya next time I'm at the computer.

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  1. I love it! I did that with the scarf because my neck was getting all hot and sweaty from racing Danny. HA! Cody still LOVES his rebath door.


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