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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the icing on the cake

or " Jan's Grans" #1 Sage holding baby brother Greyson who is already 4 months old....seriously??

Uncle Kevin with Cody and Gabe.

The 'cousins' CJ and Harley

CJ lost her first tooth while here...so much fun...and BTW somewhere between the 50's and now, the tooth fairy got generous!!

Theresa with Brian who is usually allergic to a camera...

In this photo in particular, Greyson looks like he could be Harley's identical twin, except they are almost 6 years apart. Really -- add a little hair, color the shirt pink....dead ringer.

Braden Heiner helping the kiddos play a game of softball. Such a great great sport.Owen and Emily (running in her cowboy boots) :)

Emily and Owen with mama having a cookie or two.

Cody --too much fun.

Great grandma with Greyson.

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