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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Day Finally Came....

Picked Kelly up on May 12, been two long years. It is always sooo exciting to see them come walking off the plane. He looks awesome and has matured amazingly. When it's someone else's son it seems to go by so fast...so happy he's home.

We gathered everyone for a celebration that he's home to include a picnic with Poppy's legendary smoked/slow roasted pork shoulder and Suzi's snicker salad. (Fresh fruit salad with snickers pieces in it...does that make candy a part of the four food groups?) We took another family picture to which we added two grandchildren and a spouse since 2 years ago. One more grandson coming in August (Suzi). My friend asked me "How many picnic tables does it take ..."

For fun the kids wanted to have a 'big belly contest' to make Suzi feel good about her belly.

They are in birth order
left to right--youngest to oldest:

And a birdseye view just for the fun of it. My daughter asked me how they all got to have the same chin?! Dunno...just lucky I guess.

Having everyone ALL together is The BEST...chaotic but so very fabulous!! Next entire family 'stop'...Travis and Monica's wedding. Can't wait.

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  1. So glad someone picked up Grandma! Wish we could have been there...looks like a blast!


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