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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Dad...

My dad, had an interesting life. He was born during the twenties spending his childhood in the Great Depression. He went into the Navy during WWII (though toward the end) and married when he got out. He's shown below with his brother Otis and cousin Carl who also were in the military. They had a family gathering when everyone got out. These were probably my Dad's two best friends in the whole world. Early in his life he was diagnosed with Juvenile onset diabetes. It was very unstable and he always had issues chasing blood sugar. Also when I was very little he had tuberculosis and was in the veterans hospital for several months.

Health issues not withsatnding, he worked two jobs as far back as I can remember, and was able to spend a couple of years in Vietnam, during the late 60's. It was not so good having him absent, but I know he loved the escape and the adventure.

Around the same time we took this family pix just before Grandpa died. Having had only two girls, my Dad sorely missed not being able to raise a boy, but as I've said before, he gots boys in spades in the next generation. My sister had 4 and I had 6. The picture on the motorcycle was with my #1 , also the #1 grandchild-grandson. And then in about 1986 his health began a downward spiral and he passed away in March of 1996. If he were here today he'd also be enjoying 30 great grandchildren, mostly boys ~no surprise~

My Dad had a strong testimony and always took his church callings seriously, and especially worked to keep troubled young boys on the straight and narrow, trying to bouy them up through church activities and especially scouting.

At my fathers funeral service he was largely remembered for being a 'brother and friend". People who knew my Dad had a true friend. I'm happy that that is his legacy.

10 things about my Dad:

1. He loved the color red.

2. He loved to hunt and fish.

3. Loved guns.

4. Loved archery. When I was about 8 or so my Dad and I went out to an archery range. And you would go down a trail, shoot at a target, go further down a trail, shoot at a target......kind of in an odd way like plying 9 holes of golf. We came around a bend and too close for comfort we discovered a rattlesnake who wasn't too happy to see us. He began to rattle --Dad took a shot at him with the bow and arrow--rattled more and began to coil---another shot----coiled completely and poised to strike---Dad shot one more time and nailed it to the stack of straw just beyond. I thought I had 'John Wayne' for a Dad !!

5. He loved motorcycles.

6. He loved to watch the Saturday night fights.

7. He loved to read.

8. He loved to talk to people. (To include Ham Radio W7SMF)

9. He always had a joke.

10. He loved photography.

Bonus...He would've seriously loved living today with computers and the digital age, facebook and all of the opportunities for knowledge and social interaction.

It's been 15 years since he passed.

Miss you, Dad.



  1. Thanks for sharing that about grandpa... I only have a select few memories of him and I LOVE learning more about him!

  2. Also...can see ALOT of Brad in those pictures!


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