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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hair she is !

Anyone who knows "Suz" knows how frequently she is 'compelled' to change her hair....usually scissors are involved ! It wasn't something that came with adolescense or tweener years or even grade school. It seems she was born with an itch for scissors. She says that I told her that if you want your hair to grow you should trim it (read 'CUT'). She wasn't very old when she occasionally decided to take a piece of hair now and then. But then one day...being disappointed in the results of her attempts ...she decided to go all out....HOG WILD... and took manicure scissors to the scalp.

So for quite a while she looked like our "POW" camp kid. I bought her several little hats to wear so she wouldn't look like one of the boys. But when it came down to it, what she liked was pantyhose on her head. Having the legs dangle down her back felt like long hair I surmised. So panty hose on her head everywhere we went until she had grown enough hair to feel her own on her back.

Somewhere in that time, Inga (dear dear Inga) bought her a platinum Halloween wig to wear. Oh, she liked that!! Wouldn't even wear a shirt, it felt so good. Many years later she decided to paint a sports bra on this photograph so all posterity wouldn't see her topless.

That's my girl !

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