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Thursday, February 24, 2011

one "mormon" recipe that apparantly never made it's way to Hermiston (to my recollection)

In case you missed it
there are certain recipes that are
--just no gettin around it--
and growing up in a 'ward'
there are or were 'dime-a-dip' dinners and such...
(dime a dip---read: bring a dish for twelve to the back door and go back to the front door and pay a 'dime-a-dip' to eat it.....fundraiser.)
Mormons can be incredibly thrifty
(I won't say 'cheap' because
I've been there with 7 kids and trying to stretch the dollar).
But somehow I've never connected to this salad staple until later years.
It's pretty OK and so I'll share one version of the recipe with you.
Recipes are only a guideline anyway.
Would be a great summertime salad to be filling and good for hot weather.
Frog Eye Salad
6 oz acini di pepe (pasta)
1 15 oz pineapple tidbits (drained -- save 1/4 C juice)
1 1/3 C milk
1/4 C sugar
1 (2 5/8 oz) package instant vanilla pudding
1 6oz can crushed pineapple drained
2 8 1/4 oz cans mandarin oranges drained
3/4 C grapes
1 1/2 (or so) C Cool Whip
2 1/4 C miniature marshmallows
1/2 C coconut shredded or flaked
Cook pasta al dente rinse in cool water and drain well
Mix pineapple juice milk sugar and vanilla pudding
put together with rest of ingredients
add cinnamon if you like
CHILL and serve cold
Pretty Good
**you don't have to be a mormon to eat it**

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