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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Danny boy! Happy 27th Birthday!

I know this collection of pictures is going to pop up all mumbo-jumbo but 'live with it'.
Danny had the misfortune of being born Christmas Eve Day in 1983, it is cool to celebrate your birthday along with the birthday of our Savior -- but then again he never really got his own day out of it. It wasn't enough that I needed to have Christmas ready for 7 children, a spouse and all grandparents, let's add a birthday!! (working mom) ☼ what an idea!
Danny has been my old soul, self rising kid.
NEVER one seconds trouble. He came being about 50 years old in his heart and has been a total pleasure always.
Here are some of my faves of ol Danny boy!
Happy Birthday, Son!


  1. I found your blog and figured i would use it to learn a little bit about my new family!! Love these pics. Danny was so cute when he was younger!!


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