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Monday, November 1, 2010

**Little Gobblins**

Somebody tastes like "CHICKEN". First he was standing (sorta). Then...he was down. I got the feeling we were at the "boneless" chicken ranch.

Here are the other three siblings of that bunch...Sage --a cross dresser. Gabe a Seahawk. Harley was Rapunzel!

The monster.....Poppy ran downstairs and put on a mask we've had forevvver, and came around to the front door to startle the kiddos. They said "Hi, Poppy!"

Roar!! Beauty and the Beast!!

And a little KISSY ♥!!

CJ and Brian aka
Thing 1 and Thing 2
They are so close in age and size they look like they could be twins!!

Suzi's boys.....
Li'l Dinosaurs!!

Darling hat....another Suzi creation.
Will post Emily and Owen ASAP

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