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Thursday, December 27, 2012

An ODD Christmas...amended

 Went to Boise in a really really quick trip to see our son Kyle's family off. They are on their way to Indy and we will miss them.  Travis and Monica made it as well as Danny and Nikki, and Kelly!  Sure seems strange.... ( I'll square up that picture...sometime...oh...got it!  Sitting sideways kinda fit the day though...)

We drove Christmas Eve about halfway down, (after I got off work) and got up early to go the rest of the way.  We couldn't take much of their time as they were loading a truck the next day.  So we had lunch at Denny's and said goodbye.    Drove back home and got here about midnight.  Had been sick and slept the next 36 hrs stright.  (doing better now).

Didn't ever get around to Christmas Tree, Christmas Cards, or Christmas gifts.  Not even Christmas cookies.   Just was odd all the way around, not soon forgotten

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