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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

summer memories

 I'm sure some of these pix came in scrambled but w/e!!
My grans who live in Phoenix, Emily, Eliza and Owen.
 Dan and Monique at their sealing on O'Quirrh Mountain.
 friends and family
 Toots and Code
 Poor Grey cut his lip and got stitches, and boy oh boy did that rock pay for it!!
 At Dick and Linda's
 My #1 and Monica
 Mom and I and Aunt Pat
 Kevin, Kelly, Greg, N, Trey
 Trey trying to figure out skates.
 Cody / skates
 Back to Dick and Linda's, withTravis, Paige, Sage and Gabe.
 Greg and Julie
 Cousins CJ and Harley (Kyle's daughter, Greg's daughter.)

 Been like this forever.
Harley / CJ

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