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Monday, January 31, 2011

Things to know ...about me...

I had no brothers growing up, not really much male influence in my childhood at all.
But... sometimes... things get 'made-up'to you in spades!
I had 6 sons!
and a daughter, luckily!
and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Travis, Kyle, Greg, Cory, Dan, and Kelly are my six favorite men!
(Well, my hubby too, of course)
I am creative, like to get into stuff with my hands and "make"...
I enjoy all mediums...
have done some painting (with oils)
some sketching, not a great deal though
needlework, I do love counted cross-stitch
and all kinds of endeavors with cloth...
but honestly...
I dislike patterns because
I just don't take direction well.
I 'can' read them I just don't like the control.
I get an idea in my head and I just want to make it happen
and off I go!!
So much happier that way.
Which leads me to the obvious.
Some time ago there was a personality test floating around where you tested
in four areas (hard to explain) but
the gist was you came out to be
or some combination (based on points (?) )
In my mind on a scale of 1-10
10 being concrete-sequential
1 being abstract-random
I would be about a "-5"
I'm so abstract -random, it's ridiculous !!
(I believe I am ADD (not ADHD)
but back in the 50's and 60's there virtually was no such thing---
like "suck it up girl and pay attention or else"
and I HATE being pushed.
I like living life, fun or serious, at a soft pace
really don't like being hurried
People get a whif of my soft gentle nature and have an urge
to tell me what I ought to do and start 'pushing'
In western astrology I am a Lion
in eastern astrology--a Dragon.
Go Figure !
Push me or my kids and you will see the Wrath of Jan !
Maybe you've never seen that before, but TRUST ME
You won't soooon forget.
I think there's nothing as important as Family.
Family Tree
knowing where you came from....
The Present family
including all living relatives
close and not so close
And the Present Moment in trying to
love, support, teach, and learn from them all.
Love and safe-guard.
Family is precious!!
This post was inspired by Suzi.
(Ordinarily I'm a very private person.)
Thanks for visiting!

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