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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall...so beautiful !!

The Japanese Maple in front of our place just absolutely glows with color, and in a few days the leaves will be down. Looking at it from the driveway side...looks like it has led lights it's so firey and gorgeous !!
The great big blue spruce was planted in 1978, the year after we moved into this house, right after Cory was born. He's now 32. We call it our 'Cory' tree.

So many memories here....would be hard to even think about ever leaving.


  1. Hey Jan, great pictures. BTW, Cory is only 32. I know because I'm just a month older!

  2. I love that tree. I am semi home sick today, not bad, but a little. Depends on if Dad would be home or not! HA!


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